26 November, 2008

2008 green earth graphic design competition result

Sorry! Very sorry!!! Post the wrong (last year) winning result. Here's this year (2008) green earth competition winners...

1st prize
name of design : greening (pop-up card)
design by : ji yoon Yang from korea

2nd prizename of design : recycle at xmas
design by : Benjamyn Cox + Lloyd Moffat from uk

3rd prizes (x3)name of design : Plain Cloud
design by : glen baghurst + matthew cullin from australia

name of design : santa's readjustment
design by : camila gimeno from chile

name of design : christmas wreath- green messages
design by : felicia lee from taiwan

(picture and text taken from designboom.com)

Click on link to visit designboom.com read all the winning designs national and view other shortlisted entries.

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