30 March, 2012

i Draw Something… for everybody

27 March, 2012

i Draw Something… like that

Start playing "Draw Something" early this month. Usually i like to play on my iPad (larger drawing space).
Most of the title are very simple, many times just a few stroke will do.
But, sometime when i really feels like to draw somethings… i will sit in front on my computer, start google the best reference for the title. Sometime it might take up to 4 or 5 minutes to complete the sketches.
Thanks to my friends for the passion and i hope they will enjoy the animation.

12 January, 2012

Our IOS Game :: JumpeeJump is ready for sale

Me and my friend (Toh, another illustrator) created a IOS game (for iPhone & iPod) called JUMPEEJUMP already approved by iTunes and ready to sale today!

It told us more then 2 months to complete it from idea > sketch > fight(for better game-play) > script > art > modify > fight(agains) > modify(agains) > submit to iTunes > Ready to sale.

Please visit our JUMPEEJUMP website for more info on the game and do feel free to give us some comments.