27 December, 2007

My latest upload :: Cute Sitting Lion

You may found this image at Shutterstock, dreamstime.com, 123rf.com & fotolia.com.

26 December, 2007

2008 Credit & Extended License Adjustments for iStockphoto

iStockphoto is adjusting the credit pricing structure in the Photo and Illustration categories. These changes are detailed below.

Photo credit pricing
  • X small = 1 credit
  • small = 3 credits
  • medium = 5 credits
  • large = 10 credits
  • X large = 15 credits
  • XX large = 20 credits

Vector Credit Pricing
  • basic = 1 credit
  • moderate = 5 credits
  • detailed = 10 credits
  • complex = 15 credits
  • elaborate = 25 credits
For details, please visit iStockphoto.com

18 December, 2007

No idea what to submit?

You have your DSLR camera ready and don't know what to shot? Don't know what type of picture people wants?
If you already join Shutterstock, then you can always click on the "Most Popular Images" link & check out what type of image people like. For the member of istockphoto, you can check out the "Most popular Files" link at the side banner.
But you don't need to be a member to view the top selling images at fotolia.com.

11 December, 2007

File Requirements

Stock photos:- Only JPG files, RGB, at least 3 Megapixels, saved at the maximum quality will be accepted.
Vector illustrations:- Vector files should be saved in raster format, JPG at a high resolution, saved at highest quality and submitted in this format. As soon as they are accepted or right from the first submission you can also upload an additional format (ai, cdr or eps extensions accepted)

Stock photos:- Images should be at least 4 Million pixels (2200 x 1700). Anything lesser will be automatically rejected. JPEG format only with minimal 80% quality compression.
Vector illustrations:- Vector image file in EPS format. Each file must not exceed 5MB. Attach a RGB JPEG preview of your image at 1600 x 1600 pixels or larger.

Stock photos:- You may upload photos in either JPEG or TIF format. The minimum size of uploaded images is 4.0MP. For example: a photo which is 2400x1800 adds up to a total of 4.32 million pixels.
Vector illustrations:- upload two files for each vector illustration you want to submit. One file is the vector in EPS format (.eps extension) The second file is a JPEG preview of that vector. The preview should be approximately 400x500 pixels. Each file should be named the same - except for the extension. (e.g. vector_example.jpg, vector_example.eps). Please keep your vector files under 5 megabytes and be sure to save them for compatibility with Illustrator 8. Also please note that Illustrations go only in the Illustration category.

Stock photos:- Image must be in JPEG format. Resolution must be greater than or equal to 2400 x 1600 (4 Million pixels) & file must be less than 20 Megabytes.
Vector illustrations:- Vectors illustration in SVG format is accepted.

Stock photos:- iStock accepts RGB, JPG files only. All files must be 1600 x 1200 pixels or larger.
Vector illustrations:- When uploading Vector files, one (max) 270x270 preview/thumbnail JPG is required. The source file for Vector/Illustration files must be a zipped EPS or AI file.

10 December, 2007

Keyword Tips

(part of the text was taken from iStockphoto.com)
Keywords are the most important information you can provide to help buyers find your images. While people often know the specific subject they are looking for, concept keywords may help to inspire the end-user to choose your images.
Describe the subject of your image. You can have 20~50 words to describe all the pertinent details, and the more specific you are, the more likely your image is to be found by the right searches. Those are what you can describe:-

  • the subject (tree, car, butterfly, man, women, children...)
  • physical appearance (muscular, powerful, fit, strong...)
  • what they're doing (walking, reading, talking...)
  • where is the place (garden, home, school, beach, ocean, sea...)
  • how they feel (healthy, powerful, happy...)
  • the kind of picture (cartoon, caricature...)
  • technical aspects of the image (vector, illustration, vertical...)

04 December, 2007

What is Model Releases and Property Releases?

A model/property release is a written agreement between the model/property owner and the photographer whereby the model/owner gives his/her permission to the photographer to use the photographs commercially in perpetuity (meaning for all time). Releases can permit the use of the image(s) for all purposes, or may contain exceptions for certain usages. (text taken from 123rf.com)

Each RF site have their own release form. Download only when you need it.

What is First name? what is Second name?

For chinese name, always remember "first name" is your surname. ex. Chin king kong, first name is "Chin" & the second name is "King Kong". In this way, when they issue you the cheque your name will come up correctly.

02 December, 2007

Use Paypal

If you want to get your money faster, register a paypal account and change your payment method to paypal. Some of the RF site they take to 2 weeks to process your cheque. After that it take 2 weeks for the cheque to reach your door step (depending on your location). Finally you get the cheque & bank-in to your local bank. Your bank then will take 4 weeks (1 month) to process a foreign cheque (also depending on your bank).

29 November, 2007

Who is Markus Frind?

Since you already have/created a website or blog, then you MUST put google's Adsense to get MORE money. Lots of people make a good income from Adsense alone.

Have you ever heard about Markus Frind? No. 1 individual Adsense earner in Canada. He makes more than $10,000 per day! He's also the largest individual adsense publisher & the only site in the top 100 run by one person.
At 27 February 2006 he published a photo of a cheque issue by Google with the amount of CAD $901,733 (about USD $800,000).

Maybe you're decided don't want to sell RF stock anymore after you read this post...

28 November, 2007

How to submit to Shutterstock?

Things need to be prepare:
  1. Minimum 10 of your best images for the initial review (photographs, illustrations or both) with keywords ready.
  2. Scan a valid acceptable ID (passport, driver's licences...) for verification.

Go to Shutterstock.com (my referral link). Click "Not a Member?Sign Up to make $$$ now!".

  1. The next window will be "Sign up" page. Fill in the necessary info & click on "continue with Sign Up" button.
  2. The follow up window will be "Verifying Your Address" page. This is the time you need to upload your scanned ID to verify your self.
  3. After they have conformed your ID, you can start to upload your 10 best stocks for initial review.
  4. They need ALL the 10 stocks to be pass the initial review. If you can't fail it you only can resubmit after 3 months.
Please find out the file requiements before upload your stock.

How to submit to 123rf.com?

Things need to be prepare:
  1. Minimum 10 of your best images for the initial review (photographs, illustrations or both) with keywords ready.
  2. Scan a valid acceptable ID (passport, driver's licences...) for verification.

Go to 123rf.com (my referral link) & click on "Register".

  1. Fill-up the Member Registration form.
  2. REMEMBER! For chinese name, fill your surname in the "First name" box, ex. Chin King Kong, first name is "Chin" & second name is "King Kong".
  3. Click "Sign-up as 123rf photographer/contributor". Choose what type of payment you prefer (Paypal, Moneybooker or cheque) & the payment limit. You can always come back & change it.
  4. Fill-in what you see on the security code & press "Register Now".
  5. They will send a E-mail to you with your log-in password. Follow the instruction in the Email to upload your images & ID.
  6. Check your Email frequently & wait for the conformation.
There you go. Upload your stock & start to make money.

Please find out the file requirements before upload your stock.

How to submit to iStockphoto?

Go to iStockphoto.com (my referral link), because it's under my referral, the first page you will see my profile. Click on "Sign Up" button.

  1. At the "Join Us" page, file in the username you want & Email. Click "Sign Up".
  2. The "Membership Agreement" appear, click "I Agree".
  3. Check your Email. They will send you a Email with the password. Type in your username & the password given to log-in.
  4. Click on "Upload" at the side banner. A "Private Profile" page will appear. Fill in the particular info & click "continue" button.
  5. After that, the "Contributor Application - Getting Started" page appear.
  6. Choose what type of stock (image, flash, illustration/Vector or video) you wish to submit.
  7. Follow through the step-by-step training tutorial. At the end of the tutorial click "Continue to the Application".
  8. Fill out the Application Quiz. Answer all the questions and press "Submit".
  9. If you pass the quiz, you'll be asked to submit three images for approval.

Please find out the file requirements before upload your stock.

How to submit to Dreamstime?

Go to Dreamstime.com (my referral link), because it's under my referral, the first page you will see my profile. Click on "Register" button.

  1. On-click the "Fill in all account information" & "I agree with the terms and conditions". Fill in the particular inform & click "submit".
  2. After that, another window with come up saying your account has been registered, don't bother the option about buy credit or subscription unless you want to buy stock. Check the top right corner of the window. See "Your email address is not confirmed. Please click here to confirm your email address."?
  3. Check your Email. They might send you the conformation Mail already.
  4. In your Email, click on the conformation link to verify your account.
  5. DONE. Ready to upload your stocks? Click on "management Area" & look for "Upload Images".

Please find out the file requirements before upload your stock.

How to submit to fotolia.com?

Go to fotolia.com (my referral link). Click on "Sign up!" button.

  1. Fill in Login column with the username you want, password, conform password, on-click the "I accept the Terms and Conditions of the web site." & press "continue" button.
  2. The next window will be "Profile details" page. Fill in the necessary info & click on "submit". DONE.
  3. You can start to upload your stock now by click on "My Files" in the member page. 4 type of upload formats you can choose from. I recommend "Upload new files with normal form" the 1st one.
  4. In the "Upload new file" window, on-click ALL 4 Terms of use. Click "Choose File" button & select the file from your computer.
Please find out the file requirements before upload your stock.

26 November, 2007


Here's some of the self intro from taken the site. (www.istockphoto.com)

iStockphoto® is the world's preeminent collection of member-generated royalty-free images, at the world's best prices. There are no subscription fees or extra costs. Just the best Stock Photography, Vector illustrations, Flash Files, and Videos, at prices for everyone.

Join now (it's free)
It's free to become a member. Find the perfect stock image, and start downloading right away. Or contribute your own images, illustrations, and video, for sale on iStock. Visit our training page, and start selling digital stock images to the largest design community in the world. (End)

For Buyer
Buy credit before they can download. Credits start as low as $0.97 each. A minimum purchase of a $13 (10 credit) pack is required.
Files are available in up to 6 sizes: XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, and XXLarge.
For more details on credit pricing & download size, please visit iStockphoto.com under link Intro to Buying Stock.

For You (Photographer/illustrator)
The royalty structure on iStockphoto is 20%. If you’re eligible for exclusivity, you can make up to 40%.
Method of payment:- Paypal, Moneybookers or cheque.

Ready to join iStockphoto to sell your stock now?

Where to submit?

If you try and search through the net, you will find lots of site are selling royalty free stock. Before you want join any of that, there's few things we need to find out first. How much they are selling and how much we will get? after all that's what we want. How they pay us, by cheque, by PayPal? Finally, what type of stock they are selling? photo, illustration, video clips or flash animations? So what you plan to sell?

Here's some of RF site i already jointed:-
I will tell you step-by-step how to join those site and what needs to prepare before join.