17 December, 2013

My second iPhone game “123 Fall” release today!

At last, my second iPhone game 123 Fall is approved by Apple & ready for download today.
Go ahead download and give it a try, it’s FREE (with in-app-purchase).

Many hard works have been put in to make it happen. Hopefully your guy will like.

For more info please click on the 123 Fall link page,

Please also add a like at our FB page,

20 November, 2013

Sudoku 8-bit (v1.0.1) update

The first & the last update 2013.
(so there will be no update for the next one and a half month till next year :) 
And 2014.... 

What's new*********
• 10 levels added. (level-51 ~ level-60)
• iOS 7 bugs fixed.
• Minor tweaks and bug fixes.
• Change Main Manu button to Quit Game button.
• Added another get-Ready-To-Play background.

more about Sudoku 8-bit…

07 July, 2013

Top116 Paid Apps @ AppStore Malaysia

On the very first release day(3rd July 2013), my Sudoku 8-bit manage to climb up to Top116 on the AppStore Malaysia's Top Paid Apps list.
Grateful to everyone of you in Malaysia who download my game.

03 July, 2013

Sudoku 8-bit (finally:) release today!

Finally. my ios game Sudoku 8-bit is finally approve by apple.

You can find the screenshots & a demo video on my Sudoku 8-bit page (link on top banner).

It took me about 6 months to complete this game.
Of course i also did try to create another space ship shooting game at the same time but facing some technique problem.

Also(1) link my instagram to this blog.

Also(2) delete my FB group (vuifah illustrations... hahaha no member at all) and change the link to my new baby Sudoku 8-bit FB page :)

(to be continue... )

26 June, 2013

My 100th Post

So long never update my blog. (people still writing blog now a day?)

1) i updated my blog with a new look.
2) i uploaded my iOS game Sudoku 8-bit (finally :)

Also the FB page of Sudoku 8-bit soon will be ready. The game estimate will be available for download ($0.99) on 2nd July 2013 (6 days from now).

to be continue...