28 November, 2014

FolloWings Lite

FolloWings Lite (Universal) FREE:

FolloWings Lite (Android) FREE:

FolloWings Lite is the demo version of FolloWings.

The only level it include is the Christmas level, Let It Snow.

Find all 5 baby birds and bring them home for Christmas.

• Just swipe anywhere on the screen to change the flying direction.
  (top left, top right, bottom left & bottom right)
• Tap on screen to pause & unease game

20 November, 2014

Merge More

Merge More (Universal) FREE:

Merge More (Android) FREE:

Another type of “Match Three” game with Retro Style.
Place a same colour dot in the middle to merge 3 or more dots (from top, bottom, left and right).
Time is running out, try to complete each puzzle’s request before it's too late (Total 24 puzzles).