01 March, 2010

My latest Upload :: Simplified man Moving

A tribute to stockxpert.
My latest vector illustrations from the Simplified man Series. The ideas was came from stockxpert.com....

stockxpert.com. One of the Top 6 Royalty Free Stock site that ceasing their operation recently.
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You may found this vector illustration in my gallery @ istockphoto.

20 February, 2010

My Fortune God appear @ da ma cai (Malaysia)

Did you pass by any da ma cai (betting station) during this Chinese New Year? You should go inside & look for this mini poster. It might bring you good luck.
On the poster, there's a fortune god with a chinese golden nugget on the right bottom corner....

(shot by using my NOKIA hand phone)

That's the SAME Fortune God of mine using by China Press (Malaysia) on their Chinese New Year Special Header this year (read related post).
Those of you who want to try their luck can bet on the numbers presented by my Fortune God :)

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19 February, 2010

My Fortune God on the Glade poster

Went to Giant hypermarket (Kelana Jaya, Malaysia) this afternoon (very free, no need to work. ha haha...) Glade (Malaysia) have a special corner selling their car-air-freshener there....

(shot by using my NOKIA hand phone)

They have a special Chinese New Year display standy with a big poster on the top. On the poster, there is a friendly cute:) fortune god with giant chinese golden nugget. Thats' the Fortune God (from the same series) Carrefour (Malaysia) using to do their Chinese New Year campaign last year. (read related post)
The same Fortune God, but one carry a Chinese Golden Coin & the other carry a giant Chinese Golden nugget.

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Big Head Buddha on TV

See the small little cartoon on the left bottom corner?
This is a scene from a Chinese New Year Special show on 8tv (Malaysia), on air today (18 Feb, 2010) around 7.55pm ~ 8.00pm (before the 8pm News)....

(shot by using my hand phone)

18 February, 2010

My Fortune God on China Press Header

Those of you (from Malaysia), who are reading China Press (Malaysia) with see this Chinese New Year Special header...

That cute fat friendly Fortune God was done by me 2 years ago 2007, that time i only like to draw by using Photoshop. I did 2 versions of this Fortune God character during that time (see related posts), but you can't find both of it at istockphoto because istock ONLY accept illustration in vector (EPS) format.
I remember last time when i upload my Crossplay Girl Horoscope series (read related post), they approved my first 6 uploaded illustrations but they reject my others 6 on the second upload. they said it was a vector illustration (how they know that?!) & ask me to upload the vector format. I reply by email & told them it was a pixel base illustration i created in Photoshop, so thats' no other vector format in this world. Because of this reason you may found i have less stock illustration at istock compare with others.
But starting from end last year, i'm re-illustrate most of my Photoshop illustrations in vector format.

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vuifah✐✐✐illustrations Group @ facebook

Are you a facebooker?
Just created a group at facebook call vuifah✐✐✐illustrations....

It's kind of self promote illustrations portfolio group. You may find all my old & new illustrations there (still updating...) I will put more details about the particular illustration. From there you read the behind story of that illustration, where the ideas came from(or copy from :)... inspired by whom/what... why i do this... why i do that... blah blah blah...

plus+++ links to my portfolio at all the Royalty Free stock site.

Wait no more!
Click on link to join my vuifah✐✐✐illustrations Group now!

08 February, 2010

My latest Upload :: Fortune God of Tiger

According to Chinese calendar, the following year is the year of tiger. miaow....

Tooooo many things to do during the end of last year, only manage to submit 1 Chinese New Year illustration this year.
You may found this vector illustration in my gallery @ istockphoto.

05 February, 2010

The master visit my blog!

Remember the master of Adobe illustrator Mr. Yukio Miyamoto? He just visited my blog & leave some links to view his latest artwork....

Here's the latest master piece by Mr. Yukio Miyamoto + intro copy wrote by him self.

The Tube
Tube doesn't use the gradation mesh at all. ~Yukio Miyamoto
Original link:

The Guitar
This guitar is made in Germany. It is one of my favorite guitar. This work doesn't use the gradation mesh at all. ~Yukio Miyamoto
Original link:

The Pen
This is a very expensive fountain pen. The penpoint uses the blend tool. The gradation mesh uses only the grip part. It doesn't use it for another. After acknowledgment is received from the agency of the pen manufacturer in Japan, it draws. ~Yukio Miyamoto
Original link:

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