18 February, 2010

My Fortune God on China Press Header

9:39 PM

Those of you (from Malaysia), who are reading China Press (Malaysia) with see this Chinese New Year Special header...

That cute fat friendly Fortune God was done by me 2 years ago 2007, that time i only like to draw by using Photoshop. I did 2 versions of this Fortune God character during that time (see related posts), but you can't find both of it at istockphoto because istock ONLY accept illustration in vector (EPS) format.
I remember last time when i upload my Crossplay Girl Horoscope series (read related post), they approved my first 6 uploaded illustrations but they reject my others 6 on the second upload. they said it was a vector illustration (how they know that?!) & ask me to upload the vector format. I reply by email & told them it was a pixel base illustration i created in Photoshop, so thats' no other vector format in this world. Because of this reason you may found i have less stock illustration at istock compare with others.
But starting from end last year, i'm re-illustrate most of my Photoshop illustrations in vector format.

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