28 May, 2008

Take a break. Download a camera.

Read through del.icio.us this morning, discover this interesting tag from corbis (one of the well known Image Stock site). They have this cute little D.I.Y. pinhole camera for download.

Hey. It's not a digital camera, of course you need to buy a roll of film.

click on picture for larger preview

Take a break from your computer! Download, print and build your own pinhole camera. Follow the instructions and enjoy!

What is a pinhole camera? How does it work?
A pinhole camera uses a very small hole to create a lens for the light to enter and expose the film. These Readymech Cameras can be downloaded and printed at your computer, built, and used to make your own pinhole camera!

How do I take a photo with a pinhole camera?
Set the camera on a firm surface and open the shutter for the correct amount of time, then close the shutter and wind the film.

How long should I expose my film for?
All camera instructions come with exposure times for various lighting conditions, but exposure times may vary depending on the type of film you're using.

My photos are coming out entirely grey or cloudy - how can I fix this?
There might be a light-leak in the construction of your camera. Try carefully taping any seams with black tape. Also, make sure that your cuts are very accurate.

What supplies do I need?
You will need:
• A printer
• Some good printer paper
• One thin cereal box for the light-safe interior
• A razor blade for cutting
• Some double-sided tape or glue
• Thin needle for making a pinhole
• Small piece of aluminum foil or soda can to puncture with the needle
• One new roll of film, preferably ISO200
• One film canister from which the film has been removed. You can empty a new roll, or get an empty canister at any photo supply store.
(text taken from corbis.readymech.com)

To download please click on link to visit corbis.

20 May, 2008

My blog's new look

I spend 2 days to modify my blog. From 2 columns change to 3 columns, add background colour, shorten all the posts....

During the process, i discover a very useful blog, tips-for-new-bloggers.blogspot.com.

For those who are looking forward to modify their blogspot, must pay a visit this blog. You may found lots of useful tips there.

14 May, 2008

Tips to increase your RF sales

Why my RF sales are not improving? Why there's so little download this month? Why nobody want to download my works? Here's some tips taken from those RF site + my own experiences :)

1. Quantity (quality as well). The more stocks you have, the bigger chances buyer will discover your gallery.

2. Photos of PEOPLE are VERY popular. Get your friends and family involved.

3. Submit to FREE DOWNLOAD section. Can attract more people to your gallery. Read related post How to submit image for FREE download?

4. Think like a buyer (art director, designer...1). What type of picture you're looking/searching for your project.

5. Any photo that looks like a postcard or magazine cover is FANTASTIC!

6. Meet the season needs. Read related post Holidays, Events and Observances

to be continue... will update regularly.
(part of the text was taken from bigstockphoto, shutterstock, dreamstime, 123rf, fotolia, snapvillage and istockphoto)

08 May, 2008

My Sony a200

Finally i bought my self a DSLR camera, Sony a200. Now i can start to submit photo images to all the Royalty Free Stock site.

click on picture for larger preview

Why buy a DSLR camera?

Can produce more RF stock. Have more range of RF stock in my gallery. Taking photo is always faster then illustrate.

Why Sony a200?
Cos it's the most economical DSLR in the market. With the price of RM1799 (Malaysia money), body + a kit lens (18-70mm, F3.5-5.6), 10.2 megapixels, good enough to make money:)

Why to buy?
You can get this price (RM1799) around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. This price is ONLY for the body and lens, NOT included the Memory Card. So shop they are selling the market price (RM1999) but FREE camera bag, 2 GB memory card and tripod.
I bought it from FotoData at Damansara Utama. Their service are very good, very friendly.

More info on Sony a200, please click on link to visit www.sony.net

Or read it on dprview.com

06 May, 2008

My first USD $500 Wthdraw from Paypal

Last month, i decided to withdraw my first USD $500 from my Paypal. Those are the Royalty Free Stock commissions i have make from Shutterstock, dreamstime and fotolia.

Monday 10th April, i log-on to Paylpal, click on "withdraw", key in $500 (Paypal withdraw limit for Malaysia is $500) minus $5 processing fees, i get USD $495. It say they will take 5~7 days to process.

After 1 weeks, Monday 17th April, i go to Public Bank ATM machine to check my account balance, WOW! Malaysia Ringgit RM1500++ is there! (USD $495 x 3.1)

In this procedure, i manage to proof 4 things:
1. Shutterstock really pay.
2. Dreamstime really pay.
3. Fotolia really pay.
4. Malaysian can withdraw money from Paypal to Public Bank Debit Card.

04 May, 2008

Create expandable post summaries

Added a small new feature to my blogspot today.
Can you see there's a < ...read full post and all comments> at the end of every post? With this feature, we can save some space so readers no need to scroll so long to view the whole page. When they click on this link, that particular post will open in a single page together with all the comments.

You can find this useful tutorial at Google Help. Since i don't know how to post html tags as text yet (i try but didn't manage to do it), so for those who are interested, please click on link to read the actual post.
How can i create expandable post summaries?