25 August, 2008

My latest upload :: CuteCubeWorld (1)

In the CuteCubeWorld everythings are in cube shape even fruits like apple, orange, banana and cherry...

23 August, 2008

adobe magazine for creative professionals

A friend of me told me about this adobe magazine after he saw my last 2 posts about FREE download pdf magazine.... (tq Tom)

but too bad, the adobe team have stop publishing this pdf magazine :(

click on picture for larger preview

But i did manage to find the download link from other site :)
So if you like this magazine, please download now before they take it out from the server.

adobe magazine: Issue Feb 2008 (35 pages, 11.9 MB)

Sample inside pages taken from adobe magazine July 08 issue.
For more info, please click on link to visit adobe.com

22 August, 2008

Iniciativa Colectiva magazine

Another FREE art and design pdf magazine for download...

Iniciativa Colectiva:
A collective for artsts, by artists. Tell everyone.
iniciativa Colectiva began with the concept of uniting all art and design mediums toward a collective community. We strive to explore with you and at the end create an artist community and at the same time expose as well as divulge their work through this medium.

click on picture for larger preview

Submit your work and tell everyone!
A monthly call for Submissions is always being distributed to Artists, Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Sculptors, Creatives, etc.
Iniciativa Colectiva magazine is exclusively made out of contributions. You show your talent and we showcase it the best way possible. If you want to see your works published in Iniciativa Colectiva there are 2 rules the contributor must follow.

  1. Project must be atemporal.
  2. Handing in a project does not necesary mean that it will be published... many projects do not get published but they are always taken in consideration for future issues... if you do not get published inmediately... you cannot get mad with us... BAD KARMA is strictly OUT OF THE QUESTION.
  3. Designs must be contestants' original work and must not contain any third-party logos, trademarks or copyright material. Do NOT place credits on artwork. We will credit you accordingly.

If you agree on the 3 rules... you just become an IC contributor for life. Prepare a maximum of 8 single pages or 4 double page project or any mix of single and double. Send as many projects as you want. All projects will be reviewed to be part of any of the next issues. IC is an international magazine that works exclusively with images. Topic is always up to you.

If you want to get recognized for your talent and hard work, always, always include the following information with any correspondence you send to IC:
  1. Artist Name
  2. E-mail
  3. Artist's website
  4. Title of Work
  5. Country of Origin
IMPORTANT: Do NOT place any credits in the artwork
The credits are to be placed in the magazine index. send credits in a TXT file. All material submited will remain indefinitely at the IC archives.

For more info, please click on link to visit iniciativacolectiva.com

sample Iniciativa Colectiva magazine cover

To download, please visit iniciativacolectiva.com and click on "ZINE" link.
(part of text & picture taken from iniciativacolectiva.com)

Rekated post: Blanket Magazine

07 August, 2008

Create your own "Truman Show" style poster

Still remember the poster of the movie "Truman Show"? Or the Newsweek's cover of Lady Diana...

(picture taken from photomosaic.com)

The photographer who created the Newsweek cover "Lady Diana" is Robert Silver. Please click on link to visit photographer's website.

This technique called "Mosaic". There's many software can create for you just by clicking few buttons. You can find both the Mac and PC Mosaic software download links @ engadget.com. They also include the step-by-step tutorial (Mac and PC) for you to follow. Very useful.

(click on picture for larger preview)

Please click on link to visit engadget.com

(updated 12/8/08) The article "How-To: make your own photo mosaics @ engadget was posted by Philip Torrone. Please click on link to his own website.

01 August, 2008

Blanket Magazine

Want a FREE nice magazine? There's a pdf magazine you can download from blanketmagazine.com for FREE...

(click on picture for larger preview)

Blanket is a free PDF art + design + photography magazine that is released bi-monthly. It is aimed at uncovering new, emerging talent from around the world.

Blanket is a free PDF online magazine that is aimed at uncovering art + design + photography from the talented people who create it.
The name blanket came from the simple idea that we wanted to ‘cover’ all the areas of art, design and photography and bring them together in one magazine.
At Blanket, we aim to inspire our readers through informative interviews, cheeky and humorous stories and, of course, beautiful art, design and photography.

Each issue we give you a specific theme and we want you to submit a piece of original work that reacts to this theme! Use your creative skills and your imagination!

Each issue we show off emerging creatives and we want you! Send in your original artwork, design or photograph.
(part of text taken from blanketmagazine.com)

For more details and image specifications , please click on link to visit
how to contribute@blankmagazine.com

To download FREE copy of blanket magazine, please click on link to visit blanketmagazine.com