07 August, 2008

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Create your own "Truman Show" style poster

8:51 PM

Still remember the poster of the movie "Truman Show"? Or the Newsweek's cover of Lady Diana...

(picture taken from photomosaic.com)

The photographer who created the Newsweek cover "Lady Diana" is Robert Silver. Please click on link to visit photographer's website.

This technique called "Mosaic". There's many software can create for you just by clicking few buttons. You can find both the Mac and PC Mosaic software download links @ engadget.com. They also include the step-by-step tutorial (Mac and PC) for you to follow. Very useful.

(click on picture for larger preview)

Please click on link to visit engadget.com

(updated 12/8/08) The article "How-To: make your own photo mosaics @ engadget was posted by Philip Torrone. Please click on link to his own website.