27 August, 2014

Shy Cupid

A cute shy cupid thinking of you on a cloud and a big red love heart with empty text area ready to use for valentine's day celebration.

Valentine Vector Series

26 August, 2014

Chasing Time

\I'm just chasing time again.
Thought I would die a lonely man, in endless night.

But now I'm high; running wild among all the stars above.
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me.
- James Blunt

Cute Caricature Vector Series

Simplified man Vector Series

Let’s Dance!

Let's dance put on your red shoes
and dance the blues

Let's dance to the song
they're playin' on the radio

Let's sway you could look into my eyes
Let's sway under the moonlight,
this serious moonlight
- David Bowie

25 August, 2014


Finally. Start to update my blog. This post is only use for unloading "blog use" images. First the main avatar. Taken from my second iOS game "MyBestFriends".
The second image will be the social icons (on the left side of the avatar). You won't able to see it, because it's in white colour.

The third one will be instagram top icon. The 5th one on top (under the header).

Next one will be the home icon. The 1st one on top (under the header).

Today (26Aug2014) i'll have to the "tweet" icon and the "Like" icon  (appear on every post).

Another 2 more white icons will be upload today. First one is the youtube icon, the 4th one on top (under the header).

The second one will be the contact icon, 2nd on top (under the header). Replace the file icon (original icon from template).

Another 2 images have to upload today for developer links use. First one is Android icon.

The second one will be iTunes Apple icon.

Maybe i still upload the GooglePlay icon also.

ESP 5 (Sixth sense or pure luck)

ESP 5 (Universal):

ESP 5 (Android version):

Do you have a strong sixth sense?
Unlocking your ultimate mind power now.
Train yourself by using the Zener cards (or ESP card).
Zener cards were first used in the 1930s for experimental research into ESP.

The Zener cards were a deck made up of five simple symbols.
The five different Zener cards are: a hollow circle (one curve), a Greek cross (two lines), three vertical wavy lines (or "waves"), a hollow square (four lines), and a hollow five-pointed star.

How to play?
The most simplest game ever. No any gaming skills are required. Just concentrate (use your sixth sense) and try to guess what card will appear next.

(please don’t take it too seriously, is only a game:)

** Sixth sense or pure luck **
You don’t believe in sixth sense?
Then just consider it as a “Luck Tester” app/game. Log-in to Game Center and see who has the highest luck level in the world.

Gameplay Demo video:


Orbit One

Orbit One (Universal) FREE:

Orbit One (Android version) FREE:

Your mission is to rescue as many astronaut as you can.
Timing is everything.
Launch your rocket from the spinning planetary orbit to change your direction.
Avoid hitting by all the meteor, asteroid & satellite.
Also beware of going off the radar coverage area.(out of screen)

Gameplay demo:

iPad Screenshots

iPhone Screenshots

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