28 October, 2008

love your earth competition results

And the winner goes to...

1ST PRIZEname of design : sprout: symbols to cultivate change
design by : Savio Alphonso + instructors for my mfa thesis: theron moore + john t. drew + sergio lizarraga from usa

2ND PRIZEname of design : a tree is not just a tree
design by : agasuke , + jun tashiro (agasuke) from japan

name of design : one love
design by : jakub stepien from poland

name of design : fossil fuel
design by : sei shimura from japan

name of design : thou shalt love thy neighbour
design by : albrecht marius from switzerland

For more info please click on link to visit designboom and view the shortlisted entries. (text & picture taken from designboom.com)

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27 October, 2008

Amanda Rohde

One of the most making money Royalty Free Stock photographer from Australia....

She was a exclusive artist for istockphoto and her username is hidesy. Here's some info about her taken from smh.com.au:-

In 2003, Amanda owned a simple three-megapixel point-and-shoot camera that she barely knew how to use. Now, in this past year, she has made enough money from her photography business to support herself and take on her husband as her business manager. And, as a photographer, she is completely self-taught.

Five years ago, at the age of 23, Amanda discovered the stock photo service, istockphoto.com. Amanda took one look at iStockphoto examples and decided that she could do that. Her only real experience with photography to that point was doing Photoshop image retouching for professionals.

So, with her little point-and-shoot she took some photos, went through the enrolment procedure for iStockphoto and sent off her samples. From that point she hasn't looked back. Right now she has more than 10,000 photos on istockphoto.com and the annual paid download of her pictures is approaching 140,000.

These stock photo libraries rely on cliche images for their business and Amanda says that the big sellers are attractive young women, wearing headsets and smiling a huge smile of the "I'm just here to help" style. And generally speaking the best-selling photos are those against a stark white background into which the designer can place the editorial or advertising text. (text taken from smh.com.cu)

Here's some photos taken from her gallery @ isockphoto.
(pictures taken from istockphoto)

For the full article, please click on link to read @ smh.com.au

Also click on link to view her gallery @ istockphoto.

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21 October, 2008

Request payment from istockphoto

The minimum payment at istockphoto is USD$100 (to Paypal).
So when your earning have reach USD$100 or more (congratulations!) you can start request payment from istockphoto and transfer to Paypal account...

1. After log-in, click on your username or click on the "Balance: $XXX.XX"(picture 01)
picture 01 (click on picture for larger preview)

2. At your member page, click on "Request payment of earnings" under "Earnings". (picture 02)
picture 02 (click on picture for larger preview)

3. Then you will see the Support page. Select "Payment Request" and click "Create a Contact Ticket" button. (picture 03)
picture 03 (click on picture for larger preview)

4. It will bring you to the Payment Request page. Select Paypal and click on "Continue" button. (picture 04)
picture 04 (click on picture for larger preview)

5. The next page will be Payment Request-paypal page. Fill in your Paypal account (email address) and the amounts. Click on "Send" button. (picture 05)
picture 05 (click on picture for larger preview)

6. The last page, Payment Request. Waiting for what? just click OK button. (picture 06)
picture 06 (click on picture for larger preview)

That's it. Just wait for 5~7 days, you will get a email from Paypal when money have go into your account. (snapshot taken from istockphoto)

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18 October, 2008

Another way to draw vector illustration

To a friend of my, who got a very good drawing skill and want to build his vector stock (cos can sell better price), but no so familiar with the illustrator tools...

"Very hard to remember all the tools..."
"Can't control the color gradient as good as you..." (TQ :)
"Why we have to do it this way? if in Photoshop... bla bla bla"

Here's a idea for you. Just draw it in black & white lines drawing format. Who said vector illustration must have colors? Who said vector illustration must have gradients?
All you have to do is draw it as usual (on paper), scan it on to your computer and trace/construct by using the pen tool in illustrator. Or you can just use the pencil tool or the brush tool, select a brush type and start to draw like usual.

Here's some samples taken from a illustrator wehrmann69 from istockphoto. Please click on link to visit his/her portfolio. Some of vector are selling well.

(pictures taken from istockphoto)

14 October, 2008

Register Paypal

A referral artist of my is ready to request money (congratulations!), and is time to register Paypal.....

1. Go to www.paypal.com (off course).

2. Click on "Sign up" link at the bottom of the page. pic01

pic01. click on picture for larger preview

3. Choose your country or region. Choose your language. Choose what type of account you wish to register. For us (Royalty Free Stock Artist), i recommend to choose "Personal". Click on "Get Started" button. pic02

pic02. click on picture for larger preview

4.Fill in the necessary info. REMEMBER for asian, first name is our surname. ex. for "Chin King Kong", the first name is "Chin" and the second name/last name is "King Kong". pic03

pic03. click on picture for larger preview

4. What is CSC? pic04
pic04. click on picture for larger preview

5. Click on the "I agree, create my account" button. If you're free, you can click on the "User Agreement" and read :P

That's it. You can start to transfer you money from Paypal to your debit card or start to shopping online now. (snapshot taken from Paypal)

Please click on link to visit www.paypal.com

03 October, 2008

Yuri Arcurs

Do you know Yuri Arcurs?

click on picture for larger preview

He is the world's top selling microstock photographer. You can find his photos at most of the Royalty Free Stock site such as Shutterstock, stockxpert....

He have a popular forum post " 1170 Sales in one day" at Shutterstock. Everybody was shock. It was posted on May 10, 2007 (one year ago).

click on picture for larger preview

Everyone MUST go and visit his website www.arcurs.com.
You may found lots of useful tips there. Also click on the "WHO" link on top of the website to read more about Yuri Arcurs him self.

You can also click on link to visit his gallery @ shutterstock.
(snapshot was taken from arcurs.com and shutterstock)

02 October, 2008

Download a 12 sided calendar

picture 1

picture 2

Organize and plan ahead. Get a 2009 calendar now for FREE...

click on picture for larger preview

There's a FREE DIY calendar you can download from www.ii.uib.no

Just the shape, dodecahedron (picture 1) or rhombic dodecahedron (picture 2)

Choose the year.

Choose your language

What day you want it to start with.

Choose the format, PDF or PostScript.

Click on download button

Print it out and fold it follow the instruction from the website. That's it.

Please click on link to visit www.ii.uib.no
(picture taken from ii.uib.no)