18 October, 2008

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Another way to draw vector illustration

1:06 PM

To a friend of my, who got a very good drawing skill and want to build his vector stock (cos can sell better price), but no so familiar with the illustrator tools...

"Very hard to remember all the tools..."
"Can't control the color gradient as good as you..." (TQ :)
"Why we have to do it this way? if in Photoshop... bla bla bla"

Here's a idea for you. Just draw it in black & white lines drawing format. Who said vector illustration must have colors? Who said vector illustration must have gradients?
All you have to do is draw it as usual (on paper), scan it on to your computer and trace/construct by using the pen tool in illustrator. Or you can just use the pencil tool or the brush tool, select a brush type and start to draw like usual.

Here's some samples taken from a illustrator wehrmann69 from istockphoto. Please click on link to visit his/her portfolio. Some of vector are selling well.

(pictures taken from istockphoto)