14 October, 2008

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Register Paypal

3:35 PM

A referral artist of my is ready to request money (congratulations!), and is time to register Paypal.....

1. Go to www.paypal.com (off course).

2. Click on "Sign up" link at the bottom of the page. pic01

pic01. click on picture for larger preview

3. Choose your country or region. Choose your language. Choose what type of account you wish to register. For us (Royalty Free Stock Artist), i recommend to choose "Personal". Click on "Get Started" button. pic02

pic02. click on picture for larger preview

4.Fill in the necessary info. REMEMBER for asian, first name is our surname. ex. for "Chin King Kong", the first name is "Chin" and the second name/last name is "King Kong". pic03

pic03. click on picture for larger preview

4. What is CSC? pic04
pic04. click on picture for larger preview

5. Click on the "I agree, create my account" button. If you're free, you can click on the "User Agreement" and read :P

That's it. You can start to transfer you money from Paypal to your debit card or start to shopping online now. (snapshot taken from Paypal)

Please click on link to visit www.paypal.com