21 December, 2008

72 dpi or 300 dpi?

This is a very frequently asked question (FAQ) ask by readers who interested in submitting their works to Royalty Free Stock site. "Should i save my file in 72 dpi or 300 dpi?"....

Let me start to explain with this few terms we often see:-
dpi = dots per-inch (pixel/inch) (pic 01)
MP = million pixels

pic 01

For those who're working in agency or publishing company will know, for better printing quality, they'll set their picture in 300 dpi. For web designer, they will set their picture in 72 dpi (preview quality).

Here's the minimum file requirement for:-
Shutterstock 4.0MP (new photographer)
Dreamstime 3.0MP
Fotolia at least 1600 x 2400 pixels (3.8MP)
123rf.com at least 4MP (2200 x 1700 pixels)
istockphoto at least 1200 x 1600 pixels (1.9MP)
stockexpert at least 800 x 600 pixels
(off cause the bigger, the better :)

To make our job easier, we produce a picture with 4MP (or bigger) will satisfied all the Royalty Free Stock site.

How big is a file with 4MP (million pixels)?
As long as your file's width(W) x height(H) more than 4,000,000 (4 million). Example, 2400 x 1800 = 4,320,000 (4.3MP). So, if you set your file at 300 dpi, it become 8 inch x 6 inch(pic 02). If you set it at 72 dpi, it will be 33.333 inch x 25 inch(pic 03). But the end, BOTH the files are SAME (4.3MP).

pic 02

pic 03

19 December, 2008

Free DIY Calendar

Deco your desk with a stylish DIY calendar from cannon. Just download the pdf file and print it out on A4 paper, follow the instructions and DIY a stylish calendar like this...
click on picture or larger preview

There's many paper craft DIY items you may found @ Cannon Creative Park. Here's some sample of others paper craft you can download (FREE) from there...

Cute Little Town Calendar
Download links:
Stylish Calendar
Cute Little Town Calendar
Cute Monkey Head Calendar
X'mas Pop-up Card
Mother's day Pop-up Card
3D gift Box
Frog Chorus Paper Toy
Hydralic Excavator paper Toy

For more downloads, please click on link to visit Cannon Creative Park.

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16 December, 2008


Here's another very nice yet FREE pdf magazine for us to download....

click on picture for larger preview

To download this FREE Proteus Mag, please click on link to visit proteusmag.com.

We can also submit our artwork to PROTEUS MAG and share with the world.

PROTEUS MAG is always accepting submissions
We encourage all photographers, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, fashion designers, illustrators, and all other creative types to submit your work to Proteus Mag. Proteus Mag is a place where all creative individuals can flex their creative muscles.


Artists can submit 5 or more print quality images for review. Not everything submitted will be published. Images can be submitted in jpg, pdf, or tif formats at 150 dpi or greater (300 dpi is ideal). Images that are not 150 dpi or greater will not be considered for publication. Using print quality images ensures that your artwork is presented in the best possible fashion.

Magazine Dimensions: 8.5" (width) X 11" (height) or 2250 (width) X 3300 (height) pixels at 300 dpi.

E-mailed submissions must not exceed 5MB. You may send multiple e-mails if needed.

All submissions must include a completed copy of the ART SUBMISSION FORM.

All artists retain the copyright to their work. Proteus Mag is strictly an online publication, and is available as a free PDF download at proteusmag.com. (text and picture taken from proteusmag.com)

For more info, please click on link to visit proteusmag.com.

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02 December, 2008

My latest Upload :: Chinese New Year Series (1)

We want vector! We want vector! We want vector! (buyer)...

Ok. since the Chinese New Year just around the corner, i spend some time re-illustrate my very early illustration "Chinese New year boy and girl" in vector format.

Please also see my other stocks @ istockphoto.