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19 March, 2015

Challenge Me

Challenge Me (Universal) FREE:

Challenge Me (Android) FREE:

无敌猜拳王 (Universal) FREE:

无敌猜拳王 (Android) FREE:

Discover all-new ways to play the classic game “Rock-Paper-Scissors”.
Enter the World Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship @ Game Center. (iOS only)

By the way, those How-To-Win tips you learn from YouTube don’t work here.
It’s all randomly generated.
To win the game, you just need a bit of luck. (or use your 6th sense)

ps. remember to practice your 6th sense by playing “ESP 5” (Universal).


Gameplay demo:

21 January, 2015

Grid Snake

Grid Snake (Universal) FREE:

Grid Snake (Android) FREE:

The same classic snake game, but this time the snake bites itself.

Hit (bite) the same color cube (body) to earn score and get extra time.

Swipe up, down, left, right to control the direction.

Somethings never change, avoid hitting walls & bricks.


Gameplay demo:

28 November, 2014

FolloWings Lite

FolloWings Lite (Universal) FREE:

FolloWings Lite (Android) FREE:

FolloWings Lite is the demo version of FolloWings.

The only level it include is the Christmas level, Let It Snow.

Find all 5 baby birds and bring them home for Christmas.

• Just swipe anywhere on the screen to change the flying direction.
  (top left, top right, bottom left & bottom right)
• Tap on screen to pause & unease game

20 November, 2014

Merge More

Merge More (Universal) FREE:

Merge More (Android) FREE:

Another type of “Match Three” game with Retro Style.
Place a same colour dot in the middle to merge 3 or more dots (from top, bottom, left and right).
Time is running out, try to complete each puzzle’s request before it's too late (Total 24 puzzles).

24 October, 2014


FolloWings (Universal):

FolloWings (Android):

Find all 5 baby birds and bring them home.

• Just swipe anywhere on the screen to change the flying direction.
  (top left, top right, bottom left & bottom right)

• Tap on screen to pause and unpause game

What's new (1.1):
• Minor tweaks and bug fixes.
• Added restart button.
• Included background music.
• Added falling leaves.

What's new (1.2):
• Added New Seasons Special stage.
• Included music & sound control buttons.
• Improve swipe control.
• Minor tweaks and bug fixes.


Gameplay Demo:

21 October, 2014

Orbit One (iOS/Android) latest update (1.5)

Orbit One latest update (1.5) for iOS and Android available for download now.

Many players' comment(complain) the speed is a bit slow... but still some feels the speed is ok for beginner, it will get faster when you reach higher level.

So in this update (1.5) we decided to let you choose you own game speed.
150 the normal speed, is what you're playing now (level 0 and level 1). Those with 1 star or no star.

After playing with speed 250... can REALLY feel speed 150 is very slow. But maybe is good for beginner, or some one who playing while reading plus watching TV :)

*Remember to choose your game speed before click the start button. Enjoy.

Orbit One (Universal) FREE:

Orbit One (Android version) FREE: