23 July, 2014

Sixth sense or pure luck (coming soon)

Sixth sense or pure luck?
Coming soon. (iTunes Appstore & GooglePlay)

06 July, 2014

QR Code with your logo

After i have posted my GoogplePlay link QR code on Twitter, lots of my friends asking how/where to put a logo into a QR code. It’s very very easy.

Go to any QR code generator side, ex. i’m using http://goqr.me

1. Choose Type > url
2. Put in your url link, ex. i put in my GooglePlay link.
3. Click “Download”

4. Remember to choose “Q” in the “Error correction code” jump-up menu. Then choose what type of format you want to download. (i prefer SVG or EPS, can edit in Illustrator)

5. You can use my QR code guide (svg format) as guide and put in your logo or illustration or anythings in the blue area.

My QR code guide (svg format) download link:

Sample QR code i have make:-

30 June, 2014

“Orbit One” and “MyBestFriends” are now available in Google Play (FREE)

Hi guys. Finally i uploaded all my games to Google Play (Android version).
All FREE-to-play (with Chartboost ads).

Spot the different? Yes, this time i change "Orbit One" icon to circle. (now only i know Android app icon can be any shape).

Orbit One (Android version):

MyBestFriends (Android version):

29 June, 2014

3 more games now available in Google Play (FREE)

Start to publish some of my game to Google Play (Android version).
All FREE-to-play (with Chartboost ads).

123 Fall (Android version):

Tap Slide (Android version):

Tap Slide 2 (Android version):

27 June, 2014

Shuriken War now on Google Play

Hi guys.
My first Android game "Shuriken War" available now on the Google Play.


It's still a FREE-to-play game with ads (Chartboot).

Here's some extra artworks for Android market (Google Play).

For the iPhone and iPad user, you can alway download the IOS version from here.

27 May, 2014

Orbit One new update 1.1

Hi guy.
Lastest update (1.1) for Orbit One(Universal) already release.

This time is a major update.
I take out the mini map and the quit/pause button. (who need a quit button nowadays)
I replace its with "pinch to zoom" and "drag to move". (as you wish)

There's a comment from one of the player (there's only total two comments actually...):-
Very cool game 

Oddly compelling, from its retro graphics to a cool take on physics games. I've spent the last 10 minutes playing it in level mode. Some suggestions that would make this a winner (my opinion):

1) More than one life (level mode).
2) The ability to pinch and zoom to see the entire field. Toggling back and forth is tiresome.
3) Power-ups and/or ship upgrades.
4) Limited mid-course directional thrusters (perhaps as part of #3 above).

Thumbs up!
(copy from iTunes Customer Reviews)

I also include the Level System. Different level come with different rocket speed. (and life too)
Hopefully this will make it a winner :)

New screenshots: