14 May, 2008

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Tips to increase your RF sales

1:07 PM

Why my RF sales are not improving? Why there's so little download this month? Why nobody want to download my works? Here's some tips taken from those RF site + my own experiences :)

1. Quantity (quality as well). The more stocks you have, the bigger chances buyer will discover your gallery.

2. Photos of PEOPLE are VERY popular. Get your friends and family involved.

3. Submit to FREE DOWNLOAD section. Can attract more people to your gallery. Read related post How to submit image for FREE download?

4. Think like a buyer (art director, designer...1). What type of picture you're looking/searching for your project.

5. Any photo that looks like a postcard or magazine cover is FANTASTIC!

6. Meet the season needs. Read related post Holidays, Events and Observances

to be continue... will update regularly.
(part of the text was taken from bigstockphoto, shutterstock, dreamstime, 123rf, fotolia, snapvillage and istockphoto)


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