19 February, 2010

Big Head Buddha on TV

1:03 AM

See the small little cartoon on the left bottom corner?
This is a scene from a Chinese New Year Special show on 8tv (Malaysia), on air today (18 Feb, 2010) around 7.55pm ~ 8.00pm (before the 8pm News)....

(shot by using my hand phone)


I am Dexter said...

what so special about it? So what? Even if it is a templete, the designer has use his skill, knowledge and judgement to create this piece of art work.I dont know whether you are a designer please stop this kind of nonsense by posing this kind of stupid info. You have better info to provide to the reader not pinpointing which templete images the designer used, and where they did they find. Please make some sense before you post something like this. Please learn how to appreciate and respect what a designer do, it need time and skill it is not like you who just sitting there doing nothing better but typing nonsense.

Dexter said...

"sorry about the previous comment and i'm apologize due to misunderstanding."