28 November, 2007

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How to submit to 123rf.com?

8:25 PM

Things need to be prepare:
  1. Minimum 10 of your best images for the initial review (photographs, illustrations or both) with keywords ready.
  2. Scan a valid acceptable ID (passport, driver's licences...) for verification.

Go to 123rf.com (my referral link) & click on "Register".

  1. Fill-up the Member Registration form.
  2. REMEMBER! For chinese name, fill your surname in the "First name" box, ex. Chin King Kong, first name is "Chin" & second name is "King Kong".
  3. Click "Sign-up as 123rf photographer/contributor". Choose what type of payment you prefer (Paypal, Moneybooker or cheque) & the payment limit. You can always come back & change it.
  4. Fill-in what you see on the security code & press "Register Now".
  5. They will send a E-mail to you with your log-in password. Follow the instruction in the Email to upload your images & ID.
  6. Check your Email frequently & wait for the conformation.
There you go. Upload your stock & start to make money.

Please find out the file requirements before upload your stock.