28 November, 2007

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How to submit to Shutterstock?

9:02 PM

Things need to be prepare:
  1. Minimum 10 of your best images for the initial review (photographs, illustrations or both) with keywords ready.
  2. Scan a valid acceptable ID (passport, driver's licences...) for verification.

Go to Shutterstock.com (my referral link). Click "Not a Member?Sign Up to make $$$ now!".

  1. The next window will be "Sign up" page. Fill in the necessary info & click on "continue with Sign Up" button.
  2. The follow up window will be "Verifying Your Address" page. This is the time you need to upload your scanned ID to verify your self.
  3. After they have conformed your ID, you can start to upload your 10 best stocks for initial review.
  4. They need ALL the 10 stocks to be pass the initial review. If you can't fail it you only can resubmit after 3 months.
Please find out the file requiements before upload your stock.