10 December, 2007

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Keyword Tips

5:00 PM

(part of the text was taken from iStockphoto.com)
Keywords are the most important information you can provide to help buyers find your images. While people often know the specific subject they are looking for, concept keywords may help to inspire the end-user to choose your images.
Describe the subject of your image. You can have 20~50 words to describe all the pertinent details, and the more specific you are, the more likely your image is to be found by the right searches. Those are what you can describe:-

  • the subject (tree, car, butterfly, man, women, children...)
  • physical appearance (muscular, powerful, fit, strong...)
  • what they're doing (walking, reading, talking...)
  • where is the place (garden, home, school, beach, ocean, sea...)
  • how they feel (healthy, powerful, happy...)
  • the kind of picture (cartoon, caricature...)
  • technical aspects of the image (vector, illustration, vertical...)