05 February, 2008

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Tutorial 01 :: How i illustrate Cute Male Big Head Budhha

1:46 AM

In this step by step tutorial I’d like to explain the process I use for illustrating the Cute Male Big Head Buddha. The tools I use are Wacom and Adobe Photoshop.

1. I start up with a rough drawing. No need to be finish, as long as can see the basic pose, the charecter design, the action... No specific medial for this step.
Some time draw it on newspaper, re-cycle printed paper, my small A7 note book i use to carry around with me....
This time i draw it on the corner of my bank statement envelope by using a black ink ball pen.

2. To save time, i take a snapshot by using my NOKIA 5300 mobile phone. Transfer the picture to my Mac and open by using Adobe Photoshop.

(picture 1)
3. I drag it onto a template (2700x2400) i have prepare. This size should be acceptable by all the 5 RF stock site. (picture 1)

(picture 2)
4. I start to trace it out in Photoshop bath. Some time if too complicated i will trace it in Adobe Illustrator. To avoid the overlapping bath, i use few layer to separate it. (picture 2)

(picture 3)
5. I start to put color by load selection from the bath i draw. On the base color layer, i add high light on a separate layer. I use the same base color on a different layer to multiply on top to show the deep. (picture 3)

(picture 4)
6. To make it more details, i add some high light and shadow on the mouth. To do this, i load the mouth selection and add feather (3 to 5), then fill light color on a new layer and send to back on layer order. Move this layer a bit to one side to be appear as hight light. The same way i do to create the shadow, but this time i multiply with darker color. Do the same thing for the eye and others. (picture 4)

(picture 5)
7. To make the pants look more lively, i add some folding line on it. To do this, first i load selection from bath, airbrush some dark color on a new layer and apply multiply.
From the same selection, i inverse it and airbrush some light color (on a new layer but NO multiply). This way both the dark area and the light area(high light) won't overlap each other. (picture 5)

Compare the finished illustration and the rough drawing, you can see i make some changes to the hand. The first rough drawing was only use as a guide, some details will change or add-on during the coloring process. That's why i didn't even drawing the shoe in the first place.

To see the finish illustration, please click on
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