10 April, 2008

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Set up our own Royalty Free stock download site

1:50 PM

Lately Yohoo! Web Hosting have come up this package. USD $11.95 monthly for UNLIMITED disk space. UNLIMITED data transfer. UNLIMITED email storage. FREE domain. With this kind of features, i think we can set-up our own Royalty Free stock download site:)

Set up a website is not so diffecult, they (Yahoo) even provide you the web site design tools. So how much you plan to sell per-image? USD $300? USD $100? or USD $1? Is all up to you.
Or we can follow something like Freerange.com. They're giving away images for FREE, but they make money from Google Adsense. But if we submit our images to them, we only get 80% of the Adsense income.
For more info on Yahoo! Web Hosting, please click on link to visit Yahoo! Small Business

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