18 June, 2008

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Tips to avoid rejection

3:26 PM

Why they reject my works? What's wrong with my photo? I think it's very nice... #@$&%#$... i speed 3 days + 2 nights to illustrate this and they just...

To avoid your submition being reject, here's some tips taken from those RF site, plus some of my own experiences :)

1. Photo MUST be taken by YOU, or artwork created by you personally! You must be the legal owner of copyright to the uploaded file. This is very important.

2. All photos containing recognizable people MUST be accompanied by SIGNED Model Release form

2. Meet the minimum resolution requrement. Some RF site they need 2MB, 3MB, 4MB... To save time(acceptable for ALL RF site), ready your image in 4MB or more.

3. No fully exposed buttocks, genitals, fully exposed female breasts or fully exposed female nipples.

5. NO visible/recognizable logo (copyright infringement).

6. Limited use subject, but you think is nice...

to be continue... will updated regularly.
(part of the text was taken from bigstockphoto, shutterstock, dreamstime, 123rf, snapvillage and istockphoto)

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