06 July, 2014

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QR Code with your logo

1:40 PM

After i have posted my GoogplePlay link QR code on Twitter, lots of my friends asking how/where to put a logo into a QR code. It’s very very easy.

Go to any QR code generator side, ex. i’m using http://goqr.me

1. Choose Type > url
2. Put in your url link, ex. i put in my GooglePlay link.
3. Click “Download”

4. Remember to choose “Q” in the “Error correction code” jump-up menu. Then choose what type of format you want to download. (i prefer SVG or EPS, can edit in Illustrator)

5. You can use my QR code guide (svg format) as guide and put in your logo or illustration or anythings in the blue area.

My QR code guide (svg format) download link:

Sample QR code i have make:-