11 March, 2008

How i submit Vector illustration

11:39 AM

I start to submit vector illustration after many months. Here's a recap of me submitting vector illustration to all the 5 RF stock site.

  1. After finish checking and conform no more open path/open shape (read related post), converted ALL stroke path to outline, save it to EPS (ai8 version).
  2. Save one more svg format for fotolia.
  3. Export the same file (as big as you can, for Dreamstime) to a JPEG format for preview purpose.
  4. From this JPEG file, save it into 3 sizes; 400x500(for Shutterstock), 1600x1600(for 123RF) and 1900x2800(for istockphoto).

Submit to Shutterstock
  1. Upload 2 files for each vector illustration, 1 EPS file and 1 JPEG file (400x500).
  2. Both the file MUST be SAME name, except for the extension. (eg. giraffe.eps and giraffe.jpg)

Submit to 123RF.com
  1. After log-in, click on "Upload" link on top.
  2. Choose upload "Illustrations (EPS). Each file must not exceed 5MB.
  3. Attach a RGB JPEG preview of your image at 1600 x 1600 pixels or larger.

Submit to Dreamstime.com
  1. Submit the original size JPEG format file first.
  2. As soon as they are accepted or right from the first submission you can also upload an additional format (ai or eps format)

Submit to fotolia
  1. Upload the svg format but make sure not larger than 1.2MB.

Submit to istockphoto
  1. Upload the EPS file and the JPEG preview(1900x2800), your preview can be larger if you wish.
  2. Upload one more EXTRA file, you skatch (lo-res JPEG will do) at step-4, to prove you are the original creator.

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Unknown said...

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