17 March, 2008

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Sell your print

2:01 AM

What else you can do to make extra money with your images? Submit to imagekind.com and sell a printed copy.

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How to make money

Markup from the base printing prices.
Earn 15% commission on any mats, frames or glazing sold with any of your prints.

How to get paid
When you reach $50.00 in earnings, you will be sent a payment.

Payment Methods
By check or by PayPal.

How much does it cost to join
FREE for 1 gallery (24 images), 200mb monthly Bandwidth, 200mb storage.

What are the basics of selling my artwork on Imagekind?
Opening an Imagekind Gallery to share and sell your artwork is as easy as counting to ten.
  1. Go to our site at www.Imagekind.com – the best gallery, print-on-demand, and frame shop on the web!
  2. Open a free Member Account which includes one free gallery, or you can upgrade to a Pro account which includes unlimited galleries. Add your own Bio to promote your existing website, gallery, and/or business.
  3. Upload your high resolution images to your Imagekind gallery by going to the Media and Gallery Management tab in your account. We accept JPG, TIFF, PNG and BMP formats.
  4. Add descriptions and set a percentage markup price on your prints. This is how you can earn money on your own art – you earn the markup on items sold!
  5. Configure some suggested mat and frame combinations for the images in your gallery. The better your images look the more likely they are to be sold. And remember, you earn 15% commission on any mats, frames or glazing sold with any of your prints.
  6. 6. Want to be seen on the site? Select a Public setting. Public means that your gallery can be viewed on the Imagekind website by any visitor browsing or searching the site.
  7. Open for business by promoting your unique Imagekind URL which directs people to your Imagekind gallery. You unique URL is http://yourscreenname.imagekind.com
  8. Friends, family, patrons, fans, designers, and shoppers print, custom frame and buy your art.
  9. We print, mat, frame, and ship on demand to your buyers around the world.
  10. You get paid every month as long as you have accumulated at least $50 in earnings. (text taken from imagekind.com)

For more details on pricing, please click on link
Base prices for prints

For more details on resolution (dpi), please click on link
Printing Basics