24 March, 2008

Masters of Adobe Illustrator 01

2:29 PM

Yukio Miyamoto
Yukio Miyamoto has been using and abusing Adobe Illustrator since the biginning of time (well, since the late '80s at least.). Professional Artist Yukio Miyamoto's artwork is showcased and sample throughout the book.Yukio's artwork has appeared in a number of books, from design books. Yukio has trained thousands of people in all areas of graphics for the Mac and win.
Yukio has published an Adobe Illustrator how-to book "The Adobe Illustrator Super Guide Series" "The Adobe Photoshop Super Guide Series" and "Illustrator PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP" but sadly, it is only available in Japanese at this time. (text taken from venus.oracchi.com)

click on picture for larger preview

You may find the last artwork "crystals glass" in you application folder.
[Adobe Illustrator 10,CS,CS2 Folder /Sample Files/Sample Art/crystal.ai]

Can't found it? You can click on link to download here.
Crystals glass vector

Please click on link to visit Yukio Miyamoto's website and check-out his amazing works.